• Your Availablitly and Location Preferences

  • Work Rights

  • Prior to commencing work, local workers must provide a copy of their Passport or a form of Photo ID And a verified copy of their Australian Birth Certificate or Australian Citizenship Certificate.

  • Australian Birth Certificate or Australian Citizenship Certificate and a Photo ID e.g. Drivers Licence
  • Work History

  • Due to Covid-19 it is required that you provide the names and details of your last 3 employers in Australia
  • Employer 2

  • Employer 3

  • *If you are unable to upload a resume or attachment you can forward this once contacted by the Human Resources Coordinator
  • For example: Forklift license, Chemcer, Truck License
  • Role Requirements

  • Fruit and Vegetable Picking and Packing jobs involve "being physically fit and being on your feet" for most, if not all of your shift and team members are frequently required to assist with products of varying shapes and sizes. The inherent requirements of the role involves the following function:
    • Repetitive bending and stooping
    • Repetitive kneeling
    • Frequent twisting
    • Regular lifting of weights up to 10kgs
    • Irregular lifting or weights 10-17kgs
    • Reaching and stretching
    • Repetitive gripping and handling
    • standing/walking for extended periods
    • work above shoulder height
    • Heat/Sun/Rain weather conditions

    Do you have or have you ever had difficulty with any of the following:

    Do you have or have you ever had difficulty with any of the following:
  • I acknowledge that in applying for a position to work for ROCHNEE PTY LTD, hereby advise that I have the following existing injuries or conditions that may render me incapable of performing the ‘inherent requirements’ of the advertised job. I understand that if I am not successful in being employed in the advertised position because of my being incapable of performing the ‘inherent requirements’ of the position, that ROCHNEE PTY LTD is not being discriminatory towards me. I also understand that should I either not be aware of such an existing illness or condition, or that I fail to advise ROCHNEE PTY LTD of a known illness or condition and I become ill or am injured, that my employment may be terminated and a workers compensation claim may not be accepted by WorkCover.
  • Declaration


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