The medicinal benefits of ginger:


Medicinal benefits of ginger:

For almost 6000 years, people in China and India have regarded ginger as a universal cure-all. Even today, it is a component in about half of the traditional Chinese and herbal remedies. One of the earliest medical books in China, written about 2000 BC and several ancient Indian texts written in the 3rd or 4th century AD, all discuss treatments using ginger.


The wonderful flavour and scent of ginger come from the oils zingerone, gingerols and shogoals. There is a considerable amount of research that shows these oils in ginger can be effective as:

an aid to digestion,

  • relief for nausea and morning sickness
  • help in the relief of inflammation and pain.
  • preventative and reliever of motion sickness.

And more recently
Manage high levels of blood sugar for Diabetics.

Ginger is also said to speed up the metabolism and thus to burn fat. And ginger tea is said to help ease headache and sore throats and give some relief to sufferers of colds and flu.