How to buy and store ginger


How to buy and store ginger

Ginger can be bought in many forms, fresh or dried, ground, preserved or pickled.


Fresh ginger can be found in your local produce store or supermarket. This is the ideal way to buy ginger as the fresh rhizome provides the best flavour and higher levels of the gingerols that contains all the health benefits. Make sure when buying fresh ginger it is firm to touch, smooth on the skin with no signs of brown rot on the end and no sign of dehydration.

Fresh ginger should always be peeled before use.

Store your fresh ginger at 13-15C. A good place is at the bottom of the refrigerator in the crisper or in a dark area of a cool cupboard. The older the ginger the longer it will last. Young or new season ginger will be usable for around three weeks but mature or old season ginger may last for many months.